Tumblr for Social Media Marketing

Tumblr for Social Media Marketing


The social media marketing is the most important marketing technique these days. In this technique, lot of platforms like facebook twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But the most overlooked online platform is Tumblr which has a tremendous potentioal for Search Engine Optimization. It is more powerful than  it tooks from the outside, most professionals ignore it and end up with not promoting their website and products effectively. Let us unleash the power of the Tumblr in the modern age of social media marketing.

Powrerful Facts About Tumblr

Once you start using Tumblr, it will inspire you. It is a possibility that you will be hooked to it permanently. Tumblr has massive benefits when compared to other social media. Let us see some powerful facts about Tumblr.

There are almost 150 million blogs on Tumblr currently,  it is ranked as the 25th website in the list of highest traffic site. The number of visitors is growing daily , an estimated 300 million visitors are already using the site monthly. Nearly 55% of Tumbler users are young people. Almost 55% of users are female. There are almost 130 milllion blogs on Tumblr which is growing day by day. Tumblr has beaten WordPress for the number of blogs for 70 million. There is a wrong perception that WordPress has the most number of blogs and it is No.1 is the list of blogging websites globally.

The great news is that  Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion which is a well known brand. World’s largest brands are already present on Tumblr.

How Tumblr Works

Tumblr has more powerful features and techniques for social media marketing. It is more powerful than Facebook and WordPress in a way that it has combined features of these two most powerful social media platforms. It offers all the features like hashtags, following, sharing, and liking as well as some features of Pintrest. It is not only a simple blog, but you can share and like each other’s content on Tumblr. Tumblr is great for Microblogging purposes.

Benefits of Tumblr

As compared to other social media, Tumblr has greater benefits. Let us see what they are in points.

  1. You can include backlinks in the Tumblr. Including links in the posts enable you to get backlinks to your post from the website you have included in your post. You original post will also be strengthened by doing so.
  2. There is a great system built into Tumblr which is called content discovery. Using hashtags can be great on Tumblr for finding excellent material.
  3. You can post a lot more content on tumblr than on Facebook. The uploading images is instant and you can put large number of images with no time for SEO and SMM. That is why Tumblr is best choice for posting lot of content.
  4. Tumblr is a great platform for setting up microsites. It is simple to manage and free like WordPress and loads of others, It is very easy and convenient to switch your blog on a subdomain of Tumblr to your own domain.
  5. Establishing your web presence and online identity has never been so sophisticated and powerful than Tumblr. Facebook and Twitter are no match for it. When it comes to building relationships with customers and make your brand name popular, social media marketers have the most friendly option of preferring Tumbler compared to others.


Tumblr is a great platform for marketing, SEO and brand promotion. It is a great idea for anyone to creat their personal blog on Tumblr.  The powerful vusial dislplay of tumblr makes it much more powerful than the ordinary text oriented dislplay. You can re-post the same content you are using on Facebook or Pinterest on Tumblr and see that your business will boost significantly within a few months.



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