The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a 1948 classic movie of all times was an American dramatic adventure. It was written and directed by  John Huston. It is a feature film based on a 1927 Novel. The great story is about two financially desparate American laymen who joined forces with an old man in search of gold treasure. The three main characters were legendary Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt and Walter Hudson. It was the first Hollywood film made outside United States. The film was preserved in the United States library of congress as the most classic of all times.

The Background and Storyline

This film is inspired by the Mexican violence of 1920s. The.The three main characters were Fred, Bob, and Howard who were under a great threat of being murdered by the bandits in search of gold as well. The movie starts with Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart) and Curtin (Tim Holt), two Americans cheated out of promised wages and down on their luck. They met a senior person Walter Hudson. They rode to Hinderland through train. The Howard had most knowledge and experience of the desert. They all began to get greedy for the treasure of gold and were terrified by the killing threat of robbers.

A fourth American named James Cody (Bruce Bennett) appears, The men decided to kill their partner Cody rather than giving hi the share of gold that they were after. But they could not do it because the bandits appeared at the same moment in the form of deferrals. The tense gunfight started among the both parties and a lot of noise was made. A real group of deferrals came after a while to chase the bandits away.

Later the bandits try to sell the donkeys but a child recognizes the donkeys and Dobbs’ clothes and reports them to the police.The badits were captured and were shot to death.The Howard and Curtin both noticed the empty sacks of gold which were left by the badits. The Howard accepted the fact that the gold was back to the mountain where it came from. This dialogue has been the most famous in the history of American cinema. The way Howard and Bogart laughed at their quest and unsuccessful greedy attempt to get gold was never been performed before.

Howard returned to the Indio village. The villagers offered him a permanent home to live a nhe parted his way with his notorious partner Bogart and Curtin also returned home to United States. He spent his life seeking for the life of Cody in Texas.

The Cast

  • Humphrey Bogartas Fred C. Dobbs
  • Walter Hustonas Howard
  • Tim Holtas Bob Curtin
  • Bruce Bennettas James Cody
  • Barton MacLaneas Pat McCormick
  • Alfonso Bedoyaas Gold Hat
  • Arturo Soto Rangelas El Presidente



The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was one of the first Hollywood films to be filmed at in the state of Durango and street scenes in Tampico, Mexico. Lots of other scenes wre filmed back in the US studio. The government also interrupted the filming of the movie in Mexico.

The film was a classic hit. It reflect the corrupting influence of human greed and lust for gold.



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