Seagate Backup Plus Desktop external hard drive

Seagate Backup Plus Desktop external hard drive


Seagate Backup Plus  external hard drive is an excellent addition to your hard drive needs. It provides the best capabilities rather than its pre decesor. It provies massive amount of Tera Byte storage capacity like 5TB. The speedy performance is guaranteed with it. The Driver software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

It is available in four storage capacities i.e 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 5TB. The cost is $90 (£54.99), $130 (£77.99), $160 (£112.40), and $220 (£177), respectively for these massive storage units by Seagate.With a computer with USB 3.0 port enabled, Seagate is the best plan for backing up your huge amount of data with permanent protection.This model is currently unavailable in Australia but coming soon in 2016.

Flexible Features

Seagate backup plus is a typical hard drive for storage of your data, video and photo files on a particular desktop environment. It is designed like a brick, which is a bit larger than 3.5 inches. A sleek and beautifl design. It has a $90 (£54.99), $130 (£77.99), $160 (£112.40), and $220 (£177), respectively.

The solid chasis is made of plastic which gives a smooth solid feel. There are little ventilation holes on its sides and bottom. The internal hard drive circuit is sealed and you cannot replace it with your ordinary skills.

The great feature of software is that r you can let the software, by default, pick what should be backed up for you.The drive will backup automatically for you. But his backup feature is available for Windows only and Mac users cannot benefit from it now. But the Mac users can use the built in time machine for their backup needs.

Detaied Specs

The device is a 3.5-inch external USB hard drive with options like USB 3.0, USB 2.0. The dimensions are 6.22 by 4.88 by 1.73 inchesand the weight is 2.38 pounds. It is available in different capacities like 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB. The operating systems supported are Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS 10.4.6 or later. Seagate Dashboard Agent  is the software for this hard drive. There is a two years warranty for this drive.

The device is he Backup Plus Desktop is pre-formatted in NTFS for Windows. It also includes the NTFS driver software for Mac. That means ther Mac version of Seagate drive is also available. There is a social media feature in it. The Social feature allows you to share your media to social-networking sites,  Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube  media can be backed up from those sites and kept on the hard drive.Similarly, you can back up content stored on your mobile device.The backup can also be stroed at the Nero based cloud service.

It is however not possible to keep the multiple version of backup. But this device is extremely  useful for the home and professional users.for some users, the two year warranty might not be long enough as comparted to the other devices in the external hard drive category. But the drive always performs smoothly with small ventilation holes.



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