Rebecca (1940 Classic)


Rebecca is a 1940 American psychological thriller-mystery film. This movie was inspired by the 1938 Novel Rebecca. It was converted into screenplay by John Harrison and Robert Sherwood. The movie producer was Selznick. The film was black and white and Alfred Hitchcock was the director. The film won the two academy awards for outstanding production and cinematography. It got total of 11 nominations Olivier, Fontaine and Anderson were all Oscar nominated for their respective roles.Rebecca also won the record for the best picture.However was  unable to win any record for writing and production.

Release and Business

The main characters were performed by two actors, Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. The music was given by Franz was the first film to be opened in the Berlin Film Festival in 1951 since its initial release in April 12, 1940. The running time of the movie was 130 minutes. It was made in United States with a budget of $1,288,000. It earned a respectable higer income on the box office $6 million which is even higher than the 1937 Walt Disney Hit Snow White.


A naïve young woman (Joan Fontaine) met Monte Carlo working as a companion to  Edythe Van Hopper. They fell in love and got married after two weeks of affair, She became the second “Mrs. de Winter”. Jack Favell (George Sanders), visits the house while Maxim is away from the house.She was also appreciated by maid who said she is intelligent and smart.

As her husband had the old memories of Rebecca, she got overwhelmed by her husband.She began to doubt her usband and also thought he was getting angry at her.Mrs. de Winter convinces Maxim to hold a costume party in which she wore a costume just like the costume of her husband’s previous wife, Rebecca.  Danvers was not happy with this move and said that she can never take the place of Rebecca. She was living a Slanderous life with her husband  and in public she would pretend to be the perfect wife and hostess.

The history of Rebecca was not so good as she had relationship with her cousin jack.She told jack that she is pregnant with her husband and going to have a child. Jack got furious and fought with her, she hit her head and died .The police gave the impression that it was a suicide. Later the doctors found out that Rebecca was not pregnant actually , she was in the later stage of cancer. That is why she was feeling ill.

The legendary Success

As Maxim returned to London, there was a fire in the city. Mrs De Winter had escaped the city with her staff. A nightdress case on the bed of Rebecca was  beautifully embroidered “R” was set on fire. The Alfred Hitchcock was inspired by the 1939 Gone with the Wind but could not exactly create the drama and excitement in Rebecca. But it was called the brilliant film in the Network times. it did well on box office. The film earned $2 million in the US and $1 million in Britain.It was nominated as the best picture for best actor, best actress, music and film editing.

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