Lenovo Thinkpad T450s

Lenovo Thinkpad T450s


Lenovo Thinkpad needs no introduction. This has been the most successful business laptops in the world. With the immense popularity and world wide sales of R Series and T Series,  a new model ThinkPad T450s which is a 14-inch is hitting the market in 2015-16. The ‘s’ means it is a slim model of the laptop. This super model is called Ultrabook by Lenovo. This does not mean that this laptop is really ultra thin,it comes with a super fast core i5 processor.

Features and Specs

When we talk about successful notebook computers of 2015, they do not offer such great features as Lenovo Thinkpad T450 has. There are things like smartcard readers, docking connector, Ethernet connectivity and a sleek Chasis is a sign of brand from Lenovo. The strong magnesium Chasis is not only durable but you can use Lenovo for as long as you can before even thinking of replacing it.

The great new black keyboard is trademark of Lenovo, that offers water resistance. That means T450s will perform great in the dry and wet season for professionals.  Memory includes 4 GB of RAM soldered onto the motherboard  the powerful processor is Intel Core i5-5200U (2C/4T, 2.2-2.7GHz, 3MB L3, 14nm, 15w).


Thinkpad T450s uses Intel Core i5-5200U (2C/4T, 2.2-2.7GHz, 3MB L3, 14nm, 15w). it has a good screen size of 14.0″ 1600×900 TN. The storage is 500GB to 1TB HDD and 128GB SATA SSD. There is an optional SATA option for 180GB or 256GB SATA SSD with Opal 2 Support.

The notebook provides the network connectivity through powerful adapter. (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (802.11ac, 2×2:2, 866Mpbs Max, 2.4 and 5GHz). There is an optional adapter Optional Sierra Wireless EM7345 LTE. The stereo speakers Stereo Speakers (downfiring) 1 watt x 2 are loud and clear. The battery is Stereo Speakers (downfiring) 1 watt x 2 battery which lasts for long hours.

On the right side of the body, there are USB ports with USB 3.0. There is a VGA, a Headset jack, an SD Card Reader and Ethernet. The optional USB 2.0 port is also available. The laptop is light weight with 1.59 kg (3.5 lbs) with 46Wh Battery new spill resistant keyboard. This Lenovo comes with Fingerprint Reader as well. The price is around $950  wihcih justifies the great features of the laptop. If you are willing some additional features, then be ready to spend some more dollars like $2200. This price will optionally give you more specs like Core i7, 20GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1080p w/Touch, LTE Modem.

The only con of this great new Thinkpad T450s is that it is not offered with Windows 10 yet. Windows 8.1 professional is the best operating system to be used with it. It will definitely provide better experience with storge devices and mechanical devices. It may not be it is not as thin and light as a lot of Ultrabooks, but  T450s is aimed right at the heart of business to make your brand successful with powerful processing.

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