Lenovo Tablet Yoga 10


Lenovo has come out with the incredibly new lovely designs and tablets during the few years. After the incredible success and mega sales of T Series and R series world wide, the Lenovo tablet Yoga 10 comes as No 1 tablet for 2016. It has larger display with Screen Resolution : 1280 x 800 and a 5 mega pixel rear camera.

Let us see the detailed specifications for this incredible model.

Detaile Specifications & Features

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 is the successor of tablet 8 from Lenovo. It has a 16:10  ratio and its not completely flat either. Its not too buldy and great for watching videos.The 10 inches gives you density of roughly 151 PPI. It is powerful tablet as compated to iPad and LG G Pad. The iPad Air has 264 PPI and the LG G Pad 8 has 278 PPI..There is a stand in the bottom which is called kickstand. The dolby sound system with head phone jack at the bottom gives powerful sound capabilities. Infact the sound is more superior to the most costly tablets in the market.

There is a  64GB microSD cards slot for carrying tons of media and documents around with you. The internal storage options are 16GB or 32GB memory options a little less compated to others around but there is 1GB of RAM . The operating system is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which makes it the top tablet for 2016 this holiday season.

The great widgets make it really good with the main screen showing a time and weather widge.more options available are  Lenovo’s browser, email client, gallery, Google Play Music, a video player and the Play Store. You can switch between home screen and back buttons As we talked before, the Dolby technology takes one step into the tuture to improve the tablet sound. It comes with a Bluetooth, optical device type. The tablet has GPS feature built-in. The processor is MT8389. It require 3 cells and a cache memory of 1MB.


.The new Nexus 7 comes within the same price range, you can buy it if you are not satisfied with the simple sleek design of Yoga tablet 10. It falls short in a few categories compated to Nexus 7. Another low factor is 16GB flash memory.Another relatively low point if processor MT8389 which may not be much speedier than most top tablets for 2016.The spped of processing is 1.20 GHz wtith Cortex A7 technology.  The tablet is available in Silver Grey color . If you are into the elegant colors like black or even dark grey, then you should not pick Yoga 10,





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