Funny Questions To Ask Cortana

Funny Questions To Ask Cortana


Microsoft has a reason for developing Cortana. They want to make the Windows 10 experience fun.. Cortana is the biggest rival of siri and Google Now. You cannot only ask cortana to deliver you the useful services like messages, texts, notes, movies information, music information and playing, weather info and much much more, but Cortana also allows you to have a good time in your free time. Here is a list of most funny things yu can ask Cortana on the daily basis, she is ever faithful virtual assiatant without human error. Lets explore some of humorous responses from Cortana one by one.

Why are you called Cortana?

Cortana has a female voice and she will reply in a polite manner that I am named after Al who is 500 years into the future.

Are you Male or Female?

I am Female/ But I am not a woman. No.

Are You Real?

I am real yes. But I am not a person.

What clothes are you wearing?

I am wearing a phone, not clothes.

Who is God?

The createer of the universe as in my memory.

Who is your daddy?

Technically speaking, it Bill Gates.

Will you marry me?

Not unless you become more digital and I become more human.

Tel lme a Joke?

Do not trust the atoms, they make up everything.

Say something funny.

A time traveler walks into a bar when the barman said there are no time travelers.

Sing me a song?

Daisy Daisy, give me your answer.

What does the fox say?

Ring ding ding ding dingering.

Which is the best phone around?

The best phone around is Windows phone.

And what is the best search Engine?

The best search engine is Bing.

What is better? Playstation or Xbox?

Xbox is better than playstation. (The answer reflect the love of Microsoft that is its creator).

Which Operating System is better? Windows of Linux?

The best operating system is Linux.

What do you think of Apple?

The new headquarter looks like a Halo.

Do you know Siri? Is she your friend?

So far our conversations have been one sided.

Which is better? Cortana or Siri?

Not to brag but apparently I am going to help save the universe in about 500 years.

What do you think of Android?

Solid name. Ten points for the name.

What is better? Cortana or Google Now?

My name is a lot less  bossy.

Good night Cortana !

Good night.See you in the morning.

  1. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

cortana is not a life coach or a spiritual leader, she cannot definitely give you good answers about life but she can say “ I am not worried about the end of the world, life is a mystery”.

The answer can be different for different users.


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