Attack X3 keyboard

Cougar is out with yet another keyboard,it lives upto its reputation for great keyboards in the past. The new Attack X3 keyboard will use good ol’ Cherry MX switches. This is a super peripheral which is third in the list of popular brands of Cougar. The keyboard is available in three colors, Red, Brown, Blue or Black. Let us see the detailed features of keyboard.

The keyboard is not available in American until the first quarter of 2016. But you can buy it as a great gift for holiay season in Europe. The price is $119.99.

Features and Specs

The Attack X3 comes with a Backlight it runs with the Cougar UIX software. You can create ten keys for Macros. It has a configuration memory which can store up to three profiles. You can access the media functions with the special keys. The function keys F1, F2, and F3 are there as usual but not as weak as a normal keyboard. They are more powerful.

N-KEY directly in USB mode, without the USB to PS/2 adapter. Unlimited simultaneous key presses are possible. So do not worry about the number of times you press a key, this keyboard is going to last a long time. They keys will not deterioarate. The Onboad memory is another powerful feature for this new Attack X keyboard. It allows you to store up to 3 full configuration profiles on the keyboard itself.You can preserve your configuration even if you plug your keyboard to another computer.

Aluminium Structure And Configuration

Mechanically mastered aluminum structure with premium brushed surface enable this structure provides the user with more efficient typing, The people who need a long typing buddy will be benefitted a lot with this keyboard. There is a full key backlight on the keyboard .. You can adjust the backlight with a five key brightness adjustmanet..The key combinations are convenient and brilliant..

One care must be done on the user’s part however for this lovely keyboard. You should To protect the precision parts inside of switch avoid from dust and scrap to enter the keyboard. In that way,Thanks to Attack X3, the accuracy and speed is also perfect. The commands and performances are excellent for playing games with this new keyboard.. The keyboard falls nothing short of exceptional accuracy.

Gamer’s Paradise

The keyboard is a gamer’s paradise. It feels great for playing games for longer hours. The great design that offers the standard layout are with extra functions. Another superb thing for gamers is design includes a strong brushed aluminum frame.This frame is responsible for enhancing the keyboard’s durability and gives a nice feel while game playing .


COUGAR ATTACK X3 Gaming Keyboard comes with the following specifications:
Cherry MX mechanical switch with USB mode support. The on board memory is there with Aluminum / Plastic body. There are 10 programmable keys with a USB plug. The dimensions are 170(L) X 467(W) X 40(H) mm. The keyboard is lighter than a new born baby 0.9kg (1.98 lb) heavy.

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